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In this milestone episode, we dive deep into the ever-evolving landscape of Application Security (AppSec) with two distinguished guests, Simon Price and Idan Elor. As we celebrate our podcast's end of season, join us in unraveling the intricate web of challenges that organizations face in securing their applications. Our guest, Simon Price, brings a wealth of experience from the frontlines of AppSec. As a seasoned security professional, Price shares real-world anecdotes and sheds light on the emerging threats that keep AppSec professionals up at night. From the latest attack vectors to the importance of secure coding practices, Price guides us through the intricate dance between developers and security teams. Idan, our second guest, is a thought leader in the realm of Application Security and Software Development. Together, we explore the world of application security. Idan discusses the challenges of AppSec, implementing an effective AppSec program, communication with teams, and skills to develop individuals. Throughout the episode, we unravel practical strategies and actionable insights to fortify your applications against the ever-present threats. Our guests share their perspectives on the significance of Application Security Posture Management, the role of automation in AppSec, and how organizations can cultivate a security-first culture. As we reflect on the past years of insightful discussions, this episode serves as a beacon for professionals navigating the AppSec maze. Whether you're a seasoned security expert or a developer keen on bolstering your application's defenses, Price and Idan provide a roadmap for addressing AppSec challenges head-on. Join us in celebrating our podcast's end of the season as we continue to bring you expert insights, engaging conversations, and practical advice to empower your journey in the dynamic world of cybersecurity.

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