19 - Tec recruitment, not an easy job

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Our first talk with an IT / InfoSec recruiter in the whole history of this Podcast. It was an amazing conversation with someone who has the Mission Impossible of hiring tech people. Our guest Karolina Sochasz gave a very nice view from her perspective of the market, tips for candidates, and funny stories about her career.


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CTO - Cássio B. Pereira.

Application Security Leader - Ben-Hur Santos Ott.

Application Security Leader - Gabriel Prevelate.

Sales Engineer - Marcos Santos.

Application Security Manager - Rodrigo Balbino.


Gold Application Security - Gold Application Security.

Nova8 Cyber Security - Nova8.

Digitalwolk - Digital Wolk.

Checkmarx - Checkmarx

AppSec.jobs - AppSec.jobs


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