13 - Vuln AI generation

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In this engaging episode of the DevSecOps Podcast, host Cássio is joined by Eitan, the CEO of Mobb.ai, to delve into the transformative impact of AI on security practices. The discussion centers around how Mobb.ai leverages the power of artificial intelligence to automatically fix vulnerabilities in software development, revolutionizing the way organizations approach security. Eitan shares insights on the core technology behind Mobb.ai, explaining how their AI-driven platform  and algorithms seamlessly integrates with existing DevOps workflows. He highlights the platform's capability of generating and appling patches autonomously, significantly reducing the window of exposure to potential threats. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of automated vulnerability management, including improved efficiency, reduced human error, and enhanced overall security posture. Eitan also touches on real-world case studies, illustrating the tangible impact of Mobb.ai's solutions in various industries. Tune in to learn how AI is reshaping the landscape of cybersecurity, providing innovative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges faced by development and security teams today. Whether you're a seasoned DevSecOps professional or new to the field, this episode offers valuable insights into the future of automated security.


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