02 - C Level & AppSec is there a problem?☻

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This episode aims to explore the dynamics and differences between C-level positions (such as CISO - Chief Information Security Officer) and the day-to-day operations within Application Security (AppSec). The episode kicks off with an introduction to the importance of cybersecurity in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. The hosts then introduce their guest Yoad Fekete, an industry veteran with extensive experience in both executive leadership and hands-on AppSec roles.


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CTO - Cássio B. Pereira.

Application Security Leader - Ben-Hur Santos Ott.

Application Security Leader - Gabriel Prevelate.

Sales Engineer - Marcos Santos.

Application Security Manager - Rodrigo Balbino.


Gold Application Security - Gold Application Security.

Nova8 Cyber Security - Nova8.

Digitalwolk - Digital Wolk.

Checkmarx - Checkmarx

AppSec.jobs - AppSec.jobs


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